Beckett Green Condominium Elevator Pit Restoration | February 26, 2021

In addition to having over 35-years of structural engineering experience, Morabito Consultants (MC) is trusted as an experienced building restoration consultant. Restoring the watertightness of below-grade elevator pit foundations can be a challenging undertaking; however, MC has the design knowledge and construction inspection experience to tackle these situations. MC worked with Consolidated Waterproofing Contractors to provide a value-engineered solution to this condominium’s flooded elevator pit. The amount of water infiltrating the pit was damaging steel components, creating a mold hazard, and was tripping the elevator fire alarm. MC’s solution involved highly specialized polyurethane soil “curtainwall” grouting, hydro-active wall injection, and interior-side crystalline waterproofing. Unlike what was previously proposed to the condominium owners, this solution avoids costly and time-consuming structural demolition and construction of sump pumps, trench drains, and piping to the building exterior. After two brief weeks of construction, the owners now have a maintenance-free 10-year warranted waterproofed elevator pit.