As part of our ambition to build structures that positively impact society, we incorporate sustainable design practices into each step of the engineering process. For years, Morabito Consultants has worked in partnership with architects to ensure our structures withstand the test of time yet rest gently on the planet.


The world’s resources are finite. Sustainable design allows us to manage resources with the greatest economy and to make choices with the health of both the environment and the end user in mind. We work with our clients to make appropriate decisions about sustainability including specifying the use of materials that are recycled, locally or regionally sourced, or low VOC. We endeavor to create buildings that are recognized with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certifications, which set the standard for green practices.


Sustainable design is becoming the norm in our industry, a sea change we have embraced. Philosophically, sustainability just makes sense – we want to be good stewards of the earth. As part of our commitment to our clients to create efficient, appropriate designs, sustainability also makes good business sense. Designs that do a better job of resource management are more economical in the long-term without sacrificing the end user’s experience.