Morabito Consultants provides services in Maryland, Florida and the surrounding areas. We are presently registered to perform professional services in 23 states plus the District of Columbia. Our expertise extends from a single-family home to a multi-million dollar project. Each project we complete benefits from our extensive library of software and our use of Revit and Building Information Modeling, all of which assist the analysis, design and communication processes. A sophisticated internal network connects our engineers to their work from anywhere.


Our expertise is sought for structural engineering design services including office buildings, hospitals, parking garages and warehouses, but we are not a niche firm; our portfolio includes pedestrian bridges, condominiums and college structures. We can apply our capabilities to new construction, repair or restorations projects, a multi-story building or a single-family home. In addition, our expertise is sought for preliminary structural analysis of new construction and existing buildings.


Transforming deficient construction into a durable, long-lasting structure is one of the most effective means of reducing maintenance costs over the lifespan of a building.  MC regularly works with property owners to aid in their understanding and planning of both short and long-term strategies for the adequate funding of remediation projects.  From the most basic of structural repairs to complex projects involving plaza deck waterproofing, façade restoration, concrete corrosion protection, and strengthening of structures, MC has a solution for your remediation needs.


Morabito Consultants has cultivated a specialty in the structural design and functional layout of parking garages. This expertise allows the firm to provide clients with efficient parking layouts that are structurally optimized. The result is an extremely economical parking structure for the client as well as one that is user-friendly and safe for drivers.


Our office recognizes that our responsibilities to the successful completion of any project extend beyond the development of contract documents. Thus, our office provides complete structural services to the contractor during the construction phase of the project. Our construction services are not limited to projects that we designed but extend to any project where the contractor is need of assistance. We provide a full range of services including shoring and bracing of structures for repair and demolition, swing stage scaffolding design for exterior repair work, and means and methods for building demolition.


The design of buildings and their components occurs during multiple stages of the design and construction process. Morabito Consultants assists fabricators and contractors with third-party delegated design of individual building components. This includes but is not limited to flood wall design, light gauge shop drawings and calculations, rebar shop drawings, structural steel connection design, retaining wall design, stair and railing design, and other miscellaneous metals.


No one wants a structure to fail, but if such an unfortunate event occurs, Morabito Consultants is experienced in the evaluation of existing structures to determine the cause of failure or distressed condition. Our expertise in forensic engineering is sought by the legal and insurance industries in litigation matters and we can also assist in mediation hearings related to construction issues.

Morabito Consultants Services Morabito Consultants can apply our capabilities to new construction, repair or restorations projects, a multi-story building or a single-family home.