Garage Repair at T. Rowe Price | July 14, 2021

MC is currently overseeing the ongoing concrete repairs to the six garages at the main campus of T. Rowe Price (TRP) in Owings Mills, MD.  MC has been working with TRP and Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) since 2012 to complete yearly garage surveys and prepare bid forms and associated repair details for these garages.  Each garage is framed with precast double tees and they combine to make up over 1 million square feet of parking space.  Over the years we have overseen the installation of traffic-bearing waterproofing membranes to the top deck of each garage alongside standard repairs such as full depth double-tee flange repair, connection repair/replacement, various crack injections, concrete spall repairs, joint replacements, drain replacements, stair repairs, railing post repair, and expansion joint replacements (plus many others!).  These repairs combine to significantly improve the safety, functionality, and extend the useful life of these parking facilities.  MC greatly values our longstanding relationship with TRP and JLL. 


Do not hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance in maintaining your parking facility.  We are very proud to also say that we are one of the only full-service parking consultants around offering full parking layout, signage and striping drawing services!