Henderson’s Wharf Facade Repair | February 10, 2023

MC is proud to have assisted in extending the serviceable lifespan of the 130-year-old historic structure located in Baltimore, MD, the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf. A drone was utilized to help capture video and photographs to complete the detailed inspection of the exterior brick bearing walls and document the structural and waterproofing conditions. Specifically, damages to the brick wall was observed, which included wide, deep structural cracks where air and water could pass through the walls, crumbling brick, mortar, and outer wythes of brick that were not secured to the wall. This presented a risk of falling loose and unstable brick. In late August 2022, C.A. Lindman began implementing the repairs plans and details that we prepared. The repair methods included stainless steel helical reinforcement across structural cracks, low-modulus deep wall void grouting, replacement of steel reinforcement at cornices, tuckpointing utilizing chemical color matching mortar, waterproofing pilaster caps, and sealing of masonry with penetrating sealants.