Senior Living Throwbacks | December 3, 2021

Over the years Morabito Consultants has been fortunate to be an integral part of the design team for many Independent and Assisted Living Facilities and their associated Community Centers.

MC designed 640,000 SF of independent living and apartments, over 42,000 SF of assisted living, and a 45,000 SF commons building that comprise the community known as Mercy Ridge in Baltimore, MD. This large community was constructed over two phases creating a beautiful sprawling campus supplying all the comforts of home with upscale and convenient amenities desired by retirees.

At Oak Crest Village in Baltimore, MD we designed three (3) two-story community buildings spread through the campus and a four-story assisted living and care center. The community buildings provided convenient dining, lounge, amenities spaces and much more to the residents. The unique green roof of the assisted living and care center set it apart from the other buildings on the campus.

MC has continued to design independent and assisted living communities throughout the region and pride ourselves on providing economical designs for even the more complex structures. Stay tuned as we will be highlighting more recently completed project in the coming weeks!