VAMC Green Street Garage Repairs | December 7, 2022

In the fall of 2021, MC identified serious deficiencies with the structural slab ramp which served as the primary entrance and exit to the VA Hospital below grade parking garage. Emergency temporary netting and steel beams were installed in spring of 2022, while full ramp reconstruction design documents were promptly developed. Construction began in August 2022 and moved swiftly to rebuild over 2,000 square-feet of ramp slab. Not only was all damaged ramp concrete properly repaired, but the estimate MC prepared for pre-construction repair quantities were not exceeded during the demolition process. After all repairs were completed, the highly traveled slab was properly protected with a long-lasting hybrid polyurethane-epoxy traffic membrane to prevent harsh chloride and carbonization damage. Vehicular traffic returned to this critical parking structure on November 14, 2022. MC is proud of the work completed to restore the safety and durability of this facility’s entrance ramp for decades to come. Further, MC and Veteran Design & Construction Inc. received “exceptional” ratings for design, cost control, and management of the project from the VA’s post-project Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR).