Celebrating 40: Remediation | October 18, 2023

In 1998, MC received its first opportunity to be the structural engineer of record for the concrete remediation of a parking garage. This endeavor proved to be successful, which prompted us to expand our professional services to include the concrete remediation of parking garages.  Before long, concrete remediation became 10% of MC’s total workload. Subsequent remediation projects included the repair and strengthening of numerous parking garages throughout the state of Maryland, with our main focus being the repair of parking garages for Baltimore area hospitals including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Saint Joseph Medical Center, Anne Arundel Medical Center, and Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Utilizing our expertise in concrete remediation and high-rise building design, MC teamed up with Concrete Protection and Restoration, Inc. on a design-build basis to remediate the condemned 15-story residential condominium, Dolphin Towers, in Sarasota, Florida. This project involved the repair of a cracked under-designed third-level concrete transfer floor, which supported 12 levels of concrete flat plate construction. The scope of work included enhancing the building’s structural integrity to resist 170 mph lateral wind loads in compliance with the 2012 Florida Building Code. The design phase of this project proved to be challenging, and required MC to complete the structural design of the building and to prepare all the mild steel and post-tensioned concrete reinforcing shop drawings which were utilized for the construction of this project. MC received three national awards, including top project under $15 million from the National Council of Structural Engineering Associations. Additionally, MC was awarded Project of the Year for concrete repair projects from the Post-Tensioning Institute and from the International Concrete Repair Institute for top high-rise projects. This triumph propelled MC to establish a permanent office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 2015, which specializes in the remediation of building structures.

Currently, MC stands as a highly diversified structural engineering firm, proficient in conducting comprehensive structural analyses, designs, and the revitalization or repair of various building structures. In addition to concrete, masonry, steel, light-gauge steel, and wood structures, MC’s design capabilities extend to encompass aluminum and stainless-steel structures such as railings and removable flood-resistant panels, and the utilization of carbon-fiber reinforcement.

MC’s extensive experience in remediating building structures encompasses all facets of the building envelope. This includes the restoration of external elements such as brickwork, stucco, EIFS, windows, doors, railings, roof membranes, and finishes. This proficiency extends to cover concrete, masonry, steel, wood, aluminum, and stainless-steel, and waterproofing components of the building’s exterior.

Looking ahead, MC envisions broadening its expertise in building envelopes to serve Maryland and its neighboring states. Furthermore, there are plans to expand the firm’s building design proficiency across the State of Florida. MC takes great pride in its accomplishments over the first 40 years and eagerly anticipates further growth and success under the guidance of its next generation of talented professional engineers.