IDEA StatiCa | November 9, 2023

Morabito Consultants has always been forward-thinking when it comes to utilizing technologically advanced structural software. MC recently added structural steel design software IDEA StatiCa to our broad list of programs. IDEA StatiCa allows MC to analyze and design structural steel connections with unlimited geometry, allowing economical solutions for simple and complicated connections alike. IDEA’s power comes from the combination of non-linear Finite Element Analysis with traditional code checking of steel components such as bolts and welds. Steel plate verification is performed by limiting usable plastic strain (strain beyond the elastic capacity) to 3% to 5%. Numerous modes of elastic buckling are also examined by consideration of whether the buckling is the result of a member or connecting plate such as a stiffener or connection plate. Other useful features of the program include connection stiffness analysis to assist in classifying a connection as a moment or shear connection for use in the overall steel frame analysis. MC looks forward to implementing IDEA StatiCa into our routine structural steel connection design and shop drawing preparation.